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November 14, 2017 | by: amandamisner

The Walking Dead Wine!

Do you have a favourite wine?  Do you have a favourite The Walking Dead character? If not, now you do!

rick daryl negan

AMC has partnered with wine retailer Lot18 to offer a line of “The Walking Dead” themed wines!

The new line features wines named after Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Negan.

The three hand-crafted blends are:

• Rick Grimes 2016 California Petite Sirah — which is “bold, dark, and balanced.”

• Daryl Dixon 2016 California Cabernet Sauvignon — with extracted flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel.

• Negan California Bourbon Barrel Red Blend — with flavors of “ripe black fruits, coffee beans, and dried herbs.”

Each bottle sells for $22 and you can buy a case of 12 bottles for $208! To get yours click here


Source: Buzzfeed