Went For One With Gord Bamford, Stayed ‘Til 2…Is It Friday Yet??

gord show
February 12, 2018 | by: russellmackenzie

What a show Gord Bamford and crew put on the Saturday night at Casino Nova Scotia with The Neon Smoke Tour!! We had a lot of fun…if you were there…you know what I mean…that had to be one of the best encore song medleys I’ve ever seen. His band is sooooo talented!! We had a chance to hang with Gord both before and after the show. If you missed our Facebook live with Gord, you can watch it HERE.

After the show, Gord invited me backstage for a pop…so how could I turn that down?? I went for 1…and, uh hum, stayed ’til 2. We had some great laughs and were able to catch up a bit…he was showing me videos of his talented hockey playing son in the picture below.

gord phone

Gord called it a night around 1am, that’s when I grabbed one of the guitars off of the wall in the greenroom and started to strum…wasn’t long after that, Lisa, Gord’s INCREDIBLE bass player had it her hands and did a wicked cover for us of Miranda’s “More Like Her”…I snuck a little video of that…check it out below.


All in all a great time was had…Yes, I went for 1 but I stayed ’til 2…and my boys made me pay for it on Sunday…but it was WORTH it!!


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