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November 23, 2020 | by: MJ

Do You Take Vitamins and Supplements?

New research says that it’s possible that the benefits of taking vitamin supplements could be entirely due to the placebo effect. In their report, Harvard researchers note that no clinical trial has shown consistent or considerable benefits for daily supplement users who are healthy and without a preexisting vitamin or mineral deficiency. The study of almost 5,000 regular consumers of multivitamin or mineral supplements found that although 30% of them believed they had better overall health than non-users, an analysis of medical data showed their health was “no different” from that of non-users. The researchers concluded that those who take vitamins tend to be positive-thinking people, but supplements are a waste of money for individuals with no known nutrient deficiencies.

We are happy to hear this, because placebos HAVE to be cheaper than vitamins!