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October 25, 2021 | by: MJ

Dr. Strang Christmas Ornaments in support of Autism Nova Scotia

From https://www.lasercompany.ca/products/strang

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Love Spread More Quickly than the Virus Ever Could

Not the Time to Buy Sandals you heard were on Sale

We Can be the Storm and Roar Back

Lock Arms Nova Scotia and Stay Strong

Last Part of the Marathon is the Hardest

We are very thankful for all the hard work Dr. Strang has done in an effort to keep us safe. So we approached Autism Nova Scotia and Dr. Strang earlier this year with this idea…and here they are! A collection of ornaments featuring Dr. Strang’s words of encouragement over the past year in our effort to pull out of the pandemic.

These are the same price as most of our other ornaments but, with these, we will donate $5.00 per ornament ($20 per set of five) to Autism Nova Scotia.

Each ornament has a deep, dark engrave and is 4″ in diameter and comes with it’s own box.
PLEASE NOTE!! The full set of FIVE is $60 as we have our “Buy 4 of any ornaments and get one free” promotion on BUT YOU MUST add the 5th ornament to your cart – it will show up as zero dollars upon checkout – making the balance $60 plus tax.
To make it easier – we created a listing for the full collection here… Full Collection.
Thank you for supporting Autism Nova Scotia.

Below is a message from Cynthia Carroll, Executive Director of Autism Nova Scotia.

“Our team at Autism Nova Scotia is ecstatic to share this fun, truly Nova Scotian collection of ornaments featuring words of Dr. Strang, our dedicated board member, father, and long-time community advocate.

We hope that these ornaments will uplift, inspire, and help us all reflect on our community’s resilience and courage in the past year.

We are grateful to have the support of The Great Canadian Laser Company to help raise the funds needed to support our mandate of building understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for Autistic individuals and their families.”