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June 18, 2020 | by: MJ

Hacks To Help Us Cool Down In Extreme Heat

9 Cooling Hacks To Beat The Heat On The Hottest Days Of Summer

People say in winter, you can just keep adding layers until you’re nice and toasty, but these warmer months require a little more creativity since, in the summer, it’s not socially acceptable to just keep stripping until you’re comfy. And you can’t reasonably expect anyone sharing your bed to let you spray your sheets down with ice water before climbing in for the night.

Just to make things more challenging, unlike the winter, when it’s pretty much always warmer inside a building than out, your apartment might just be a good five degrees warmer than the great outdoors, if not properly ventilated. And to add insult to injury, we humans have been using heat to achieve things like cooking, cleaning, and hair-drying since the discovery of fire, so those tasks just became that much more appealing.

1. Cook meals on a grill or in a crockpot

Keeping the heat generated by meal-prep to a minimum makes it easier to maintain the temperature of your home. It’s currently 86 degrees in my apartment with the windows closed and the AC bumping, so I’m doing both tonight— making chili in the crockpot and chicken sausage hot dogs on the grill. Yum.

2. Drink hot coffee or iced coffee, depending on the climate

People in dry climates can actually help trick their bodies into thinking the outside temperature is cooler by drinking hot coffee. If you live on the East coast, you’re best sticking with the iced coffee, since the humidity won’t allow your sweat to evaporate, and hot coffee will just make it worse… sorry.

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