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July 30, 2020 | by: MJ

Helping our children get ready for wearing masks

Tomorrow, masks will be mandatory in most indoor public spaces in Nova Scotia, and this September all students will be required to wear masks in school hallways and on buses.
The province has made exemptions to the rule that takes effect on Friday for children under two, and children up to four if their caregivers cannot get them to co-operate.
Health-care consultant Mary Jane Hampton says it will take time for kids to pick up this new practice, and she’s encouraging parents to lead by example and gently introduce regular mask-wearing ahead of September.
“It’s of the utmost importance that we don’t leave the normalizing of masks, and even the introduction of masks, to things that teachers and school bus drivers need to be dealing with.”
The first step is choosing the type of mask your child wears.
Education Department officials have said masks will be provided for students who do not have one.

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