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September 3, 2021 | by: MJ

Operation FALL BACK Starts Today!

On September 3, Halifax Regional Police launches its annual Operation Fall-Back campaign. As students head back to school, the campaign focuses on education and engagement, emphasizing that community safety is everyone’s responsibility. It also includes information on enforcement actions that may follow.

Operation Fall-Back runs throughout the month of September. The campaign, which was created in 2004, aims to reduce noise complaints, property damage and public intoxication in communities surrounding Halifax universities.

“Each year, despite reminders, police continue to receive and respond to neighbourhood concerns and complaints originating from areas surrounding universities. Often, those behind these actions do not appear to be fully aware of the impact of their behaviour on fellow residents,” said Halifax Regional Police Cst. Mike Zinck, a Community Response Officer in the Central Division. “As always, our approach will be to begin with education and engagement and use enforcement measures when necessary.”

Like previous years, there will be additional patrols and directed enforcement in known complaint areas. Officers continue to work closely with community groups, university officials and student representatives to help prevent any issues.

Halifax Regional Police emphasizes that community safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone is expected to ensure their actions do not negatively impact the quality-of-life in our community. Citizens are encouraged to report any concerns about quality-of-life issues, such as noise, public impairment and/or safety.

Halifax Regional Police have developed a brochure to inform citizens on common offences and potential consequences. Visit: https://bit.ly/HRP_Neighbours.