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May 15, 2020 | by: MJ

Share The Love ~ May 15th, 2020

Sharing The Need and Love for HRM Charities!

Please let us know if you know a Charity in need.

From Parker St. Food and Furniture Bank:

Thanks to an anonymous donor for donating gift cards! Every donation helps us serve and support those in need, especially during this crisis.


Some kittens were rescued & brought to the SPCA They are some of the many pets you can help with a Virtual Adoption Please support a pet & donate whatever you can to their care. Every bit helps!

North End Community Health Centre:

Thanks people for donating masks! Keep those donations up, if you can.

From Family SOS:

Excited to see the kids on their bikes this summer! It was a successful bike delivery day at Greystone

We had 62 bikes donated to us, happy to have found homes for them

Thank you to everyone who donated a bike!