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January 10, 2020 | by: MJ

Share The Love ~ Shelter Movers!

Shelter Movers Nova Scotia: Their motto is “You found the courage to leave, We’ll find the hands to help.” They are nation-wide; having recently expanded to NS, and growing. In a nutshell, they help people fleeing domestic violence move to a new location. 83% of people who experience violence are women, and the home is the most likely place for women in Canada to experience violence. Each year, police receive 93,000 annual reports of violence against women.

Founder, Marc Hull-Jacquin, is determined to play a role in the struggle to end it. That’s how Shelter Movers was born. It is growing across Canada right now, and here in NS, as you can imagine, they are looking for volunteers and donations. AND IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF this service, or simply want more information, see