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July 22, 2020 | by: MJ

Training Your Dog? This Information Will Help!

Ever wonder why your dog reacts the way they do? According to German researchers, it depends mostly on our actions! I only wish this could work with teenagers! This research may help with training, especially with puppies.

German researchers say that how your dog communicates with you depends largely on your actions. In an experiment, they separated pets from their owners. While the human waited in a different room, a researcher placed one of the pooch’s favorite toys in one of four boxes. When the owner entered the room, the dog would try to show where the toy was hidden. If it was able to successfully show his or her owner the location of the toy, they’d be rewarded with a prize. What they found is that if an owner vocally encourages their pooch to find the toy, the dog always put more effort into their “showing” actions. Unfortunately, this extra vigor also often leads to decreased accuracy, possibly due to the dog’s excitement at its owners’ encouragement. It’s the first piece of research to suggest that an owner’s actions can shape their pup’s communicative accuracy, and could impact future training methods.