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N.S. RCMP Encouraging Conversation About #FraudRedFlags

August 18, 2016

N.S. RCMP Encouraging Conversation About #FraudRedFlags

Nova Scotia RCMP are using the hashtag #FraudRedFlags to try to arm residents with tips to spot phone fraud.

They’re also asking you to talk with friends and family about how to recognize red flags and identify phone scammers.

In recent months, the RCMP has received numerous reports of callers posing as Canada Revenue Agency employees to demand victims pay back-taxes by purchasing iTunes cards and providing the activation codes. There have also been reports of callers impersonating victims’ relatives and police officers to get money and information.

In an effort to protect residents, the RCMP are asking you to spread the word about red flags that identify scammers.

Those include callers asking you for credit card info, money transfers or information about your property; the caller attempting to stress you out and demanding quick action; and the impersonator making threats.